Belmont Village PAL Tonka Darazi named Outstanding Caregiver of the Year

Tonka Darazi named Outstanding Caregiver of the Year

California Assisted Living Association announces 2014 Excellence in Service Awards

San Jose — The California Assisted Living Association (CALA) recently held their annual conference where they announced the 2014 Excellence in Service Award winners. Exceptional Assisted Living employees from northern and southern California were recognized in four categories – Outstanding Caregiver, Team Member, Department Director and Executive Director. Tonka Darazi, who has worked at Belmont Village Senior Living in San Jose as a personal assistance liaison (PAL) for 10 years, was awarded Outstanding Caregiver of the Year for northern California. Darazi was chosen from a wide field of candidates nominated by CALA members from across the state. She was recognized for her leadership skills, strong work ethic and the personal attention and respect she pays to her residents and co-workers.

“Tonka has the ability to make each person she encounters feel as if he or she is the most important person in the world to her,” said Scott Ambrose, executive director for Belmont Village San Jose. “She is an amazing caregiver – born to care for others. Her dedication to residents is remarkable and her work ethic is unmatched.”

The CALA recognition states, “Darazi has a special knack for connecting with even the hardest to reach resident, including those who have a hard time bonding with others. She treats her co-workers with the same respect and courtesy and is a lead trainer and an excellent role model for those around her. Her caregiver trainees are challenged to keep pace with her tireless energy and efficiency, and she makes the San Jose community a better place through her focused attention and leadership. Darazi takes ownership of residents’ care. As a trainer, she models how to treat residents with focused attention and respect. Darazi has been named Employee of the Year multiple times, and has received numerous other awards totaling 27. CALA is proud to offer her award number 28.”

“We are very fortunate that she has chosen to build her career at Belmont Village and we’re grateful that she is willing to share her dedication and knowledge with others,” said Belmont Village CEO Patricia Will. “I am proud to congratulate Tonka and the entire San Jose team for demonstrating the caring, cooperative professionalism and generosity of spirit it takes to make a Belmont Village.”

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