Cubs Mania in Senior Living: Lifelong Fans Cheer, Reflect

Wrigley Field Sign

Many Chicago Cubs fans feel like they’ve been waiting a lifetime for their team to win the World Series. Some fans in Chicago-area senior living communities have been.

For 83-year-old Belmont Village Oak Park resident Vernon Barg, the Cubs fandom began when he attended a game during the 1945 World Series—the last time the Cubs vied for the pennant. The last time they won was in 1908. On Tuesday night, the Cubs will return to the Fall Classic, taking on the Cleveland Indians for Game 1, in Cleveland.

“I listened to the Cubs on the radio when I was 7 or 8 years old—something like that,” Barg says. “But when I was 12, my brother—who was 6 years older than I am—took me to Wrigley Field for the 1945 World Series.”

The Cubs lost the game, Barg says. They also lost the World Series. They didn’t, however, lose Barg as a fan.

“After that, I became an even stronger Cubs fan,” he says.

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