Belmont Village Artist Stories Korda

Nicholas V. Korda

Motion Picture Sound Editor
Belmont Village Hollywood Hills

Nicholas V. Korda was a Sound Editor for seventy films during his forty-year career in the entertainment industry. While at Disney Studios, Korda became the assistant to well-known Looping Editor, Norman B. Schwartz. One of his most memorable projects was dubbing the film, Hoffa, starring Danny DeVito. “My daughter asked if she should come to the Sony dubbing stage to watch,” recalls Korda. “I introduced her to DeVito, who was so kind to explain everything to her. Korda continues, “I would list my credit as it related to my satisfaction with a film. I was Nicholas V. Korda when the film was excellent, Nicholas Korda when it was good and Nick Korda when the film was shaky.”

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