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Wes and Susan Foreman

Belmont Village Cardiff by the Sea
Married on April 20, 1968 at the Little Chapel of the Roses in Bonita, California
Married 44 years

Wes and Susan met as teachers at Shafter High School in Shafter, California. “We love to travel and since we both had time off in the summer, we took many trips abroad,” said Susan. “We spent six months traveling around the United States in a motor home once, when Wes had a sabbatical leave. He was a history teacher, so we toured historical sites, museums and battlefields.” The couple’s favorite memory is when their daughter Erika was born. Their advice for staying together is to pick the right person, have fun, overlook the small mistakes, and focus on all of the good things. “Wes always used to say, ‘It’s not where you are but who you are with, that counts’,” says Susan.

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