The Comprehensive Approach to Multiple Sclerosis Management

Wednesday • March 29, 2023
12:00 PM

Belmont Village Senior Living
3535 N Hall Street
Dallas, Texas 75219

SPEAKER: Dr. Adnan M. Subei, DO, FAAN
Neurologist/Neuroimmunologist, Neurology Consultants of Dallas

Since 2014, Dr. Subei has been providing high quality care to patients. His philosophy of care is to support patients by being their healthcare advocate along their journey with MS.

Join us for a delicious lunch and a message from Dr. Adnan M. Subei, a board-certified neurologist/neuroimmunologist who specializes in the treatment and management of various demyelinating and autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system.

For more information, contact Karisti Julia at or 214-559-7015.