Health Benefits of Female Hormones on Memory, Aging and More

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021
11:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM CDT | 2:00 PM EDT

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover how hormones can affect our memory
  • Learn tips for balancing hormones, including nutrition and lifestyle changes that can slow aging

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Phil Pylant, PD, CCN, DANLA, FACA
CEO, Village Compounding Pharmacy

Phil is a scholar in the aging process, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a licensed pharmacist. He opened his first independent pharmacy in 1972, marking the beginning of his career. In 1979, he founded the Village Compounding Pharmacy. In 1981, Phil became an original member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America and began incorporating compounding and traditional medicine.


During this discussion, we’ll learn the importance of balancing hormones during peri-menopause, post-menopause, and beyond. Female aging and hormones, such as estrogen, have more to do with your brain and cardiovascular health than you can image! A healthy balancing of hormones, good nutrition, and active lifestyle can help slow down your aging. Let’s talk, ladies!

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