Belmont Village people the Alfano Couple

Vincent and Rosemary Alfano

Belmont Village Cardiff by the Sea
Married on June 2, 1971 in San Diego, California
Married 41 years

Vincent and Rosemary met at a restaurant in Del Mar, where they were both having dinner before returning to work. “I approached him and asked if he was an engineer, because they all seem to wear sensible shoes,” said Rosemary. “He told me he was. We talked for awhile and I suggested that we have lunch on the following day. I was a vice president at a local bank and told him to bring a check so that I could open an account for him. He did, and the rest is history.” The couple has traveled over six continents, included a seven-week trip through Russia and China (newly opened to tourists). The couple’s travel highlights include visiting the Arctic Circle, flying on the Concorde jet and enjoying opera at La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy. “We are both first generation Americans and maybe that’s why we have such a curiosity about the world.”

Belmont Village people Vincent and Rosemary Alfano

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