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Belmont Village First to Earn Commitment to Quality Programming Certification

Belmont Village Senior Living is the first provider to earn certification for all of its 24 communities in Argentum’s 2016 Commitment to Quality Programming. Argentum, formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America, is the largest industry trade association for professionally managed senior living companies. This first-ever certification program is designed to complement existing state laws and regulations and take them a step farther. According to Argentum, the development of these standards is “a first step toward rigorous, professional self-regulation.”
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Veterans honored for their service during portrait unveiling

West Lake Hills Mayor Linda Anthony praised veterans attending the recent opening of the Belmont Village “American Heroes: Portraits of Service Exhibit” featuring work by noted photographer Tom Sanders.

“No words can convey the depth of gratitude we as a people and country owe you and your families for your service and sacrifices on our behalf.” Anthony told the veterans at the Feb. 17 unveiling ceremony. She also praised their “depth of character, the steeliness of their commitment to each other, our country and our ideals.”

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The Just Right Challenge: How To Get The Most Out of Your Brain

Forgot your keys? Can’t remember names? We all have these lapses from time to time, but there are ways to get more out of your brain. Regular mental fitness builds cognitive reserve to draw on as you age. Creating your own “just right challenge” can help you achieve the highest level of function and keep your brain at the top of its game.

Beverly Sanborn, nationally recognized gerontologist and creator of Belmont Village’s award-winning Circle of Friends®memory enrichment program for early stage memory loss, discusses to get the most out of your brain at every age on Local Memphis Live. To see the video, click the link below.

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The portraits hang along the senior living center’s longest hallway. They depict veterans decades after their service — their skin now wrinkled and hair now white. Some wear medals, others sailor hats and garrison caps. The permanent portrait exhibit of veterans, residents at Belmont Village Senior Living Turtle Creek, opened Thursday. It is open to the public. Continue reading “PHOTO EXHIBIT SHOWS AGE ‘DOES NOT DIMINISH THE BRAVERY’ OF WWII VETERANS”