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Belmont Village Testimonials

Our community teams are dedicated to making a difference for our residents and families and the healthcare providers we work with. Occasionally they write to tell us how we’re doing. We’re touched by these testimonials and we take their words to heart in the day-to-day operations of our communities. We’ve decided to share these Belmont Village testimonials to give families considering Senior Living a very personal glimpse of what you should expect for your loved one or yourself. Click here to view a video testimonial from one of our family members.

Belmont was for Santiago his “home-away-from home.” He was surrounded by staff that took very good care of him and made him feel very loved. The servers always served his food with a generous spirit and warmth; he felt they were part of his care and friend team. The Brazilian chef, Marc, always took his food requests with personal interest and respect, and enjoyed talking with him in Spanish. The PALS were always ready to assist him when he needed extra help. The front desk staff always made sure they knew where Santiago was going. The drivers were always helpful and willing to take Santiago to his numerous appointments. The list of helpful staff goes on and on. Please accept our most sincere thank you for the love and attention you bestowed to Santiago. He felt comfortable and at home with such a wonderful team!

Santiago’s Family – Belmont Village Albany

The memory classes are keeping me mentally stable. At first I thought the classes and art work (and music) were simply busy work. As I have learned more about dementia, I have come to realize that the ‘exercises’ which Pat and Brin lead (i.e.: name all the animals you can in 10 seconds) are aimed at keeping our brain connections working. This particular team is a major factor in my happiness and my self-fulfillment. I told my doctor that I don’t exactly know how, but some of my test scores have actually improved since being in the memory program. Thanks to you, Cassandra, Pat, Brin and Pritchie.

Billy – Belmont Village Scottsdale

Phyllis spent the last 5 years of life at Belmont Village, surrounded be the most caring, uplifting, patient, dedicated and amazing staff anyone could hope for. As her mobility and memory started to decline, you stepped up care and compassion allowing her to go thru the aging process with respect and dignity. She always smiled when she talked about the PALS, Drivers, Front desk, Dining room servers, Wellness staff and even PT (who she said made here sore, but they are still very nice). You make a difference in someone’s life everyday. You have amazed and exceeded my expectations at every turn.


All considered, Belmont Village has been a wonderful solution to a very difficult problem. We never thought we would live separately in our old age. But Belmont Village has enabled us to make the best of a heartbreaking situation. I believe that Patti is as comfortable and happy as circumstances permit, probably the happiness resident of the “Neighborhood.” For that, I am very grateful to Belmont Village.

Ken – Belmont Village Westwood

Mom’s Pals have a special understanding of Dementia. I marvel at their dedication and their caring ways: always treating Mom with respect and preserving her dignity. I don’t need to worry about Mom while she is in the care of PALS. For instance, Maria respects that she likes to sleep late in the morning and take her time eating breakfast. Whenever I visit, I find her clean and well groomed. Her Pals show the utmost kindness …no matter how challenging her behavior might be. The whole Neighborhood staff works together as a team to make Mom’s environment a warm and loving place.

Judy M. – Belmont Village San Jose

Dearest Tim, Staff, PALs, and Belmont Residents, Sincerest best wishes to all of you and your families for a very Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and a very healthy and happy 2015. Many thanks to Tim, staff and PALs for such a wonderful place to live. We haven’t missed our house or car for one minute, since we’re here. When we went looking at Sr. places, as we wanted to stay in the area, Belmont wasn’t built yet. Thank God, and our Laura and husband Stuart, for finding Belmont. I just got a holiday card from a former neighbor saying that their health is going down and every day something else breaks in their house. Can you guess what I wrote on their card? Volume I!! (the rest of the story).

Millie & Izzy

Ladies, I wanted to take a moment to convey a personal level of appreciation for the loving care that you and your staff provided my father during the autumn of his life. He spoke often of the wonderful, personal attention he received and the love he felt from each party who touched his life while he was here in Atlanta. Each of you led the charge in conveying the love to him. I recognize that caring for so many in need often leads to exhaustion and frustration, but I never observed my father or others speak of manifestations of exhaustion or frustration from you or your staff when it came to caring for my dad. It takes special people to provide the standard of care and concern that each of you exemplify constantly and consistently. I felt you should know that excellence does not go unnoticed. Please ensure your staff knows how I, my family … and my father, all felt.

W. Lamar C. – Belmont Village Buckhead

Dear Vicki, Thanks so much for your note – It was great to hear from you. We drive by Belmont Village frequently when we are in Nashville visiting mother, and I always think fondly of the (almost) year that my parents spent there. What you and your staff gave mother and daddy was not just excellent physical care, but more importantly, you gave them a sense of being valued and respected from the first day that they were there. Both my parents and I trusted you and the staff implicitly, always feeling that you had their best interests at heart. All of us will be grateful forever for making daddy’s last year as good as possible.

Belmont Village Senior Living is a welcoming and caring facility with exceptional standards of care. I commend the staff for providing continuous quality assistance and attention to the residents. Not only does the staff adhere to the highest professional standards, but they have also created an atmosphere of comfort, trust and security. I have seen firsthand how devoted the staff is to providing a caring and comforting environment to all to the residents. They are focused on helping residents achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life. I am proud to be a part of Belmont Village Senior Living and look forward to many more years of caring for our community.

Tony G. – Belmont Village Encino

We wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude and appreciation for the care and concern which you have shown to our folks, Clifton and Genevieve. In the short time that they have resided at Belmont Village, we can see that they will enjoy a quality of life and health that our family has always hoped for them. And this quality of life, the mission of your facility, is reflected in the professionalism and hard work of your staff, a high level of communication and attention to detail. Thank you again.

James P. & Liz C