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At Belmont Village Senior Living, we believe life-long learning is central to keeping our minds active. Each month, we broadcast new educational webinars at no cost and they are open to the public. Register for a live, virtual event or browse our past lectures.

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Common Scams and Frauds

Common Scams & Frauds

Join us for an educational webinar that could save you and your loved ones time, money, and stress. We’ll learn how to recognize and avoid common scams that are targeted at seniors and their families. These scams have become more convincing and sophisticated than ever.

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Past Webinars

Illustration that shows a wall with outline of face with the text "Dementia 101 Communication Tips"

Dementia 101: Communication Tips

Join us to discuss the best methods to communicate with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. We’ll explore ways that dementia can affect an individual’s ability to communicate at various stage of the disease and provide tips on the most effective ways to communicate with those living with the disease.

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Illustration that shows a wall with outline of face with the text "Dementia 101 An Educational Series"

Dementia 101: An Educational Series

Watch the first installment of our educational series on navigating dementia as a caregiver, care partner or simply a friend. The series will educate us on the basics of dementia, changing family dynamics, communication tips, and how to navigate challenging behaviors associated with dementia.

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Graphic of woman with headscarf and text "Breast Cancer Basics"

Breast Cancer Basics

Hear from Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute’s Chief of Breast Surgery Dr. Jane Mendez about the importance of prevention, screening, treatment, and awareness of breast cancer.

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Gut Health & Brain Health

Learn about the emerging research discoveries regarding the microbiome, its purpose and role in brain health and other medical conditions.

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How to Cover the Cost of Long-Term Care

Learn about the various ways to pay for long-term care services and how options for how seniors and their families can financially prepare for long-term care costs from journalist and author Cameron Huddleston.

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Image of teenage girl holding LGBTQ flag with text "Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Grandchild"

Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Grandchild

Watch our educational webinar for grandparents and those with younger loved ones who are coming out as LGBTQ+. We’ll learn how sexual orientation differs from gender identity, tips for showing your support, and more.

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Group of 6 seniors smiling with text "Resilience and Wisdom in Senior Housing Communities"

Resilience and Wisdom in Senior Housing Communities

Join us as Dr. Jeste discusses what exactly resilience and wisdom are and the studies that have shown a strong inverse relationship between resilience and wisdom on one hand, and loneliness and social isolation on the other.

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Seniors and Stress featured image / text with image of lady and elderly lady

Seniors & Stress

During this webinar, Baptist Health’s Chief of cardiology, Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, will discuss how to achieve your ideal heart health.

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Whole Brain Fitness: A Road Map to Successful Aging

Join us as gerontologist and memory care expert delves into the key components of successful aging and Belmont Village’s evidence-based Circle of Friends memory care program.

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10 Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease

During this webinar, Baptist Health’s Chief of cardiology, Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, will discuss how to achieve your ideal heart health.

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Eating for Successful Aging text with couple playing with food

Eating for Successful Aging

During this webinar, Dr. Schneider discusses why it’s time to throw away most of your supplements, nutrition tips every senior should know, and the Mediterranean Diet. You’ll also learn more about organic foods, weight and longevity, wine and more.

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Understanding Diabetes text and illustration of women, scale, food, exercise equipment

Understanding Diabetes

Hear from a leading diabetes physician as we learn the basics of diabetes and how it develops, the risk factors for developing diabetes and pre-diabetes and why it is growing in prevalence. We’ll also discuss how we can prevent and manage diabetes and pre-diabetes.

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Lessons on Immunity text and image of female smiling

Lessons On Immunity

Learn how immunity changes as we age, how we can “boost” immunity, and factors that can affect immunity. We’ll also discuss how vaccines improve our immunity and what’s to come for COVID-19 boosters.

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The MIND Diet Featured Image with text and dish with salmon and veggies

The MIND Diet

Join us for a webinar about The MIND Diet, developed by nutritional epidemiologists at Rush University Medical Center, which includes foods and nutrients that research has shown to be beneficial for brain health.

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Health for All; Virtual Event featured image

Health for All Through Integrative East-West Medicine

Join us for an informative webinar with Dr. Hui as we discover the benefits of integrative East-West medicine. We’ll learn exactly what East-West medicine is, its benefits in our health journeys, and its applications to common chronic pain conditions.

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Minding Our Memory: Virtual Event

Minding Our Memory

In this webinar, Linda Ercoli, PhD, a geriatric psychologist and expert in aging, will talk about memory changes in normal aging, cognitive enhancement techniques to compensate for these age-related memory changes, and the effects of cognitive training on the human brain.

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Asian daughter with arm around father

Practical Guidance for Loving Your Challenging Parent

Join us for an educational webinar as we discuss the challenges that can arise and useful strategies for making decisions as a family.

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A New Map of Life text with black road and green background

A New Map of Life

Join Dr. Carstensen with the Stanford Center on Longevity to learn the role that culture plays in life expectancy and the importance of building a culture that supports century-long lives.

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Never Too Late: A Senior’s Journey to Wellness & Transformation

Hear from 75 year old fitness sensation, Joan MacDonald, on her fitness and nutrition regimen, as well as the advice she has for seniors and women who want to transform their lives.

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Maintaining Your Independence in Senior Living

Hear the experiences of Belmont Village residents and family members to learn how senior living gives older adults the opportunity to continue to live their lives to the fullest.

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Your Memory Is Your Story

Actress Marilu Henner discusses her extraordinary memory capabilities and how our memories can influence our present and future. Learn how to use your memories to hone decision-making capability to inform a better future, why memory is more than memorization, and how it’s one of our strongest assets in life.

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A Guide to a Healthy Brain and Successful Aging

Learn about a driving factor in Alzheimer’s and dementia research: the search to develop alternate methods to measure neurodegenerative diseases and preserve brain health.

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Health Benefits of Female Hormones on Memory, Aging and More

Understand tips to regulate your hormones during peri-menopause, post-menopause and beyond, and slow down aging through healthy nutrition and exercise habits.

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The Science & Nurturing of Practical Wisdom

Learn more about what we know about the biological and psychological roots of wisdom and how we can cultivate or even accelerate development of wisdom in our lives.

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Parkinson’s Disease: What Caregivers Need to Know

Hear Lianna Marie share her wisdom and advice on what to expect as a care partner and how to make life easier for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease.

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Women and Alzheimer’s: Why Are We at Higher Risk and What Can Be Done?

Learn about the science and statistics of women and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, why women are at higher risk and how women can reduce their risks of dementia.

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Broken Hearts: Surviving Intense Grief (CEU)

Understand healthy copy skills and what not to say to someone who is grieving, and learn about Broken Heart Syndrome in which the body physically reacts to the stress of grief.

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Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life

Challenge not only the way you look at aging, but also the way you think and feel about medicine in a time where people are living longer than ever before.

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Keep Calm and Carry on When Dealing with Families and Dementia

In this event for healthcare professionals, explore the difficulties of guiding an individual with dementia’s family through the healthcare system, the tools clinicians use to help, how to address denial for the individual’s family and more. This webinar is available to all and not limited to professionals.

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Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness to Alleviate Depression

Learn about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to alleviate depression and how to develop a more loving and accepting relationship with yourself and others who suffer from depression.

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Motivational Interviewing Basics

In this webinar for healthcare professionals, learn about motivational interviewing – a client-centered counseling style that helps families resolve feelings of ambivalence – and how to inspire and accelerate behavioral change. This webinar is available to all and not limited to professionals.

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Navigating the Holidays and Memory Loss

Understand how to prepare, maintain routines, build memories and how to involve your loved one in your favorite holiday traditions when faced with a loved one’s memory loss.

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Ask a Cardiologist: Heart Healthy Living

Hear from a panel of cardiologists who will share their toolkit of resources, such as nutrition and medications, to live a heart-healthy lifestyle to help prevent heart disease.

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