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Common Scams and Frauds

Common Scams & Frauds

Join us for an educational webinar that could save you and your loved ones time, money, and stress. We’ll learn how to recognize and avoid common scams that are targeted at seniors and their families. These scams have become more convincing and sophisticated than ever.

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The Science of Gratitude and How it Benefits Our Health

The Science of Gratitude and How It Benefits Our Health

Scientists have tied gratitude to greater health and happiness, as well as more depth and joy in social relationships at home, work, and in communities. From an evolutionary perspective, gratitude is considered formative to the prosocial interactions that are instrumental to humans’ welfare and survival.

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Scamming Seniors: How to Avoid Common Scams & Fraud

Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to con consumers into handing over their money or personal information. Learn about the latest tactics scammers are using, as well as how to spot the red flags of any scam. In this webinar, you’ll also find out how to stay safe online, protect your personal personal information and avoid identity theft.

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Featured Image that has half photo of Olympia with text "Olympia Dukakis: Director Q&A and On-Demand Screening"

Olympia Dukakis Documentary

In this exclusive live Q&A with Director Harry Mavromichalis and Executive Producer Anthoula Katsimatides, we’ll hear behind-the-scenes stories, about the making of the film, and how Olympia became the sensation she is.

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How to Cover the Cost of Long-Term Care

Learn about the various ways to pay for long-term care services and how options for how seniors and their families can financially prepare for long-term care costs from journalist and author Cameron Huddleston.

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Group of 6 seniors smiling with text "Resilience and Wisdom in Senior Housing Communities"

Resilience and Wisdom in Senior Housing Communities

Join us as Dr. Jeste discusses what exactly resilience and wisdom are and the studies that have shown a strong inverse relationship between resilience and wisdom on one hand, and loneliness and social isolation on the other.

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Asian daughter with arm around father

Practical Guidance for Loving Your Challenging Parent

Join us for an educational webinar as we discuss the challenges that can arise and useful strategies for making decisions as a family.

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Maintaining Your Independence in Senior Living

Hear the experiences of Belmont Village residents and family members to learn how senior living gives older adults the opportunity to continue to live their lives to the fullest.

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