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Belmont Village was founded in 1997 following a three-year research effort to create a unique, senior-focused community that reached beyond the existing paradigm in Assisted Living. During this research phase, the company sought the guidance of an interdisciplinary team of experts from major universities in the fields of gerontology, hospitality and dining, senior consumer preferences, architecture, and information technology. University collaborations continue today and are a hallmark of program development at Belmont. Our university partners include UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, University of Texas, and University of Houston.

In 2009, we opened our first university-affiliated community, Belmont Village Westwood, in collaboration with UCLA. We’ve seen firsthand how our residents and our local community have benefited from the exchange of ideas and services that these partnerships bring. In 2017, we opened Belmont Village Albany, in affiliation with the University of California, Berkeley. The building was constructed on UC-owned land, with a long-term ground lease, placing it in close proximity to University Village, which provides graduate student housing. An ongoing planning committee comprised of Cal retirees, the Director of the UC Berkeley Retirement Center and Belmont Village leadership was formed during the development phase and continues today to develop a rich curriculum of programs and opportunities for interactions between campus and community. Our shared goal with our University partners is to be at the forefront of campus affiliated seniors housing, offering our residents myriad ways to stay connected and engaged.

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