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Whole Brain Fitness Program

No matter where we are in life, we always want to have the chance to learn, grow and contribute. Achieving those goals starts and ends with brain fitness. When we started Belmont Village more than 20 years ago, we never imagined having 50 residents aged 100+ under our roofs at the same time. But that’s what has happened. Now that we all live longer, how we live at every stage matters more. So through the years, we’ve developed a Whole Brain Fitness Lifestyle for our residents to encourage successful aging.

Our Whole Brain Fitness program is designed to improve brain health for each and every one of our residents. It means nurturing and engaging mind, body and spirit each day, in specific ways. We focus on seven essential elements that include the right nutrition and physical exercise, mental workouts and lifelong learning, reduced stress, a strong social network and a sense of purpose.

Each element of the lifestyle is important and supports the others, but what makes it unique is our emphasis on mental fitness in all of our programs. College-educated, specially trained Enrichment Leaders guide residents in small groups through brain health activities throughout each day at Belmont Village’s communities.


  • Structured, seven-day-a-week program of mental exercises for Mild Cognitive Impairment and early-to-moderate memory loss
  • Small, ability-centered group activities for physical and mental fitness
  • Led by a dedicated, specially trained team
  • Just Right Challenge created for each resident to actively engage the mind and build confidence
  • Research and evidence-based program, regularly assessed and adapted to maintain resident interest and effectiveness


  • Personalized care based on brain health assessment and individual strengths
  • Small, ability-centered groups
  • Seeks the Just Right Challenge for each resident
  • Guided and supported by a dedicated, specially-trained team


Losing keys, forgetting names, not knowing where you parked the car. . . the list goes on. Most of us have moments when we struggle to remember. Our brain fitness programs for seniors are designed to help reduce the side effects of cognitive decline while offering other health benefits for the body and spirit. But these programs were created to do more than improve basic memory—our goal is to help build cognitive reserve and maintain brain health. For many residents, we’ve found that with the right combination of mental fitness activities, healthy dietary choices, regular social engagement and daily exercise, a purposeful life is possible at every age and stage of memory loss.


At Belmont Village, we’ve dedicated years of research, planning and training with university and healthcare partners (UCLA, Vanderbilt University and USC Davis School of Gerontology) to develop a daily therapeutic calendar of cognitive enrichment that our residents can enjoy and actually benefit from.

Our Circle of Friends® program is a prime example of our evidence-based approach. Originally created to support residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) within our assisted living areas, we developed a guided, 7-day program of small group exercises and activities to help engage residents and build cognitive reserve.

After evaluating and refining based on what was working for our residents, we realized that program benefits extended to residents with mild-to-moderate memory loss. We adapted the range several years ago to provide a better option for our residents who need a higher level of cognitive support but don’t require a secured environment. The small group format lets residents with similar abilities participate together, offering social engagement and a “just right challenge” that builds confidence and helps maintain function.


Providing a high standard of care for our residents begins with extensive, hands-on training. No matter what their work history, all Belmont Village community employees start their experience with us in 40+ hours of specialized training. Our training programs continue throughout their Belmont tenure, often with seasoned employees creating best practices and leading training for their colleagues. Our goal is to create a positive community experience for all members – employees, residents and families. We understand that starts with a qualified, confident, happy team, so we’ve listened to our associates and used their feedback to develop a variety of options for personal and professional growth. We’re proud to say that Belmont Village has earned certification as a Great Place to Work® and has been named to FORTUNE Magazine‘s Top 50 Best Workplaces for Aging Services lists in 2018 and 2019, based in large part on feedback from our employees.


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