Dear Rob,

My mother, Joan, has been a resident at Belmont Village for many years. It has been a while since I emailed you last about the wonderful group of people at Belmont Village. Rachelle P. has put together an amazing group of kind, compassionate, knowledgeable professionals. Her calm and gentle leadership sets the tone for all the employees. From the pals who take care of residents’ needs to great people who work in Josephine’s Kitchen, from the support staff who handle the behind the scenes jobs that residents don’t see to the fabulous nursing team headed by Bruce G. , residents experience the best care, mental stimulation, and excellent food. I am grateful to everyone who keeps my mother healthy, entertained, and well fed.

Over the years, I have come to depend on Bruce G. to keep Mother healthy. At 93, she has had several medical complications from stroke to pneumonia, falls, dehydration, and infections. Bruce has provided me and my sister the guidance to make the right decisions to keep Mother healthy. Today, we brought Mother back to Belmont Village after a hospital stay. Her doctor was amazed that we had brought her in for an appointment at the onset of what could have developed into a serious infection. It was Bruce who called me at the office and told me to get her in to see the doctor immediately just as he did at the onset of Mother’s pneumonia which required a hospital stay last month. Bruce checks on Mother regularly as he does all the other residents. He is our family’s guardian angel.

I often wonder what my sister and I would have done had we not found Belmont Village. I want you to know how much we appreciate Rachelle and her team. The peace of mind we have had over the years knowing that Mother is in the very best of care is priceless. You should be very proud of this outstanding facility and its stellar team.

Anne P.