Dear Greg,

As you and the Pals know, my mother, Doris F., had a small stroke 3 weeks ago. I have been at Belmont just about every day, at various times throughout the day. The PALs and you, not only have the patience of a saint, but a heart of gold as well.

During group time in the living room the PAL leading the activity is enthusiastic and tries to get everyone to participate. During meal time, they are attentive to each and every resident, making sure they have want they want. They know who wants coffee with the meal or who wants coffee after the meal. When someone starts to wander, they firmly but politely get them back their seat. I never see them ignore anyone, say a harsh work or put a hand on anyone. At the table where my mother is, each resident needs help in eating (not just help, but really needs to have someone feed them the entire dinner) and the PALs do it gently and patiently. When moving my mother from a chair to the wheelchair, or from bed or to the bathroom, once again they take care to be as gentle as possible, they make sure she is in the middle of the bed and the rails are up. Though I try to help, they are so good at it and insight that they do the work (thankfully).

The nurses have also done an outstanding job. Patricia has even called my brother in another state, to whom I do not communicate with, to let him know the gravity of the stroke. The nurses make sure that everyone takes the medicine and all of it, not just a sip. I would like to commend all the Pals, though I don’t know all their names. I do know, Maria, Angelina, Helen, Theresa, Lydia, Patricia, (the rest slip my mind at this time, without seeing them in person, so sorry)

Anyway, I just wanted to write this and share my observations, and to thank you and the Pals for an exceptional job.

Diane F.