Dear Rachelle and our Belmont Village Family,

Words cannot express how grateful we are to all of you! Your warmth, compassion, patience, knowledge, and friendship will never be forgotten. Dominick loved you all like family, and we will always love you the same way.

We are thankful for the many fulfilling years he spent in his Belmont Village home with all of you, socializing and participating in the activities he loved. We will always treasure these Belmont Memories and the numerous stories of Dad, his buddies, and their escapades. He thoroughly enjoyed his home and his community, and he loved telling prospective residents about the “Belmont County Club”.

Thank you for being there for Dad and meeting his needs in every capacity. We felt that there was nothing that you could not handle. It meant the world to him to be home as much as possible, and you made that happen.

Thank you also for being such a vital part of his memorial service. It meant so much to us that you were present to share in the celebration of his life.

We cannot thank you enough for having such a positive impact on Dominick’s life. His golden years were truly “golden” because of Belmont Village.

With love, gratitude, and friendship,
Donna, Keith, Meghan, and Brenna H.

PS- Please also extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Patricia.