Dear Neighborhood Nurses and Pals,

At this time, Ellen and I want to say thank you for everything that you did for our mother, Gladys T., during her two year stay there in the Neighborhood. Before Mom was overcome with dementia, she visited people in nursing homes. She made the decision, years ago, that she wanted to go to Belmont Village if she couldn’t stay in her own home. Even though she made the decision, it was still difficult for us to implement her plan. We were worn out from how much time and effort it took to care for Mom on a daily basis. As much as we wanted to keep her home, we knew when the time was right to place Mom at Belmont Village. It didn’t take us long to know that we had placed mom in an environment of very special and loving caregivers. We felt much needed relief and peace of mind that we had done the right thing.

Saying “thank you” is the right thing to do, but we need each and every one of you who had something to do with the care that our mother received to know how truly grateful we are. It doesn’t matter what your role was. We appreciate the pals that cleaned up after her. Mom always appreciated a clean and tidy environment. You all certainly did a nice job. Mom loves good food and often commented on how good the food always was. I know that to be true, from the few times that I ate with her.

We want to say special thanks to the medical staff, for caring for her and quickly recognizing mom’s patterns and symptoms of her discomfort, and for keeping us informed. We were deeply comforted by the exceptional care, concern, and outright love that mom received while at Belmont Village. We were so touched by all of the people that lined the hallway to give mom hugs, well wishes, and a happy send off. We know how loveable our mom can be and it was evident that she was loved by those that cared for her. Someone said, as we were leaving, that they were so happy to see one of the residents actually get to go home, to their own home. Ellen and I feel blessed that we were able to wrap our minds and efforts around the possibilities of mom coming home. That is what she said she wanted to do.

The lessons and the journey continue. Please feel free to call and stop by for a visit if you’re in our neighborhood. You are all welcome any time.

With Love,

Ellen and Larry T.

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