Dear Ms. Will,

We are writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciate Adrienne, Circle of Friends leader, at Belmont Village. We are familiar with Adrienne because Regina M., our family member, has been a resident at Belmont Village for two and a half years. She joined Circle of Friends during the latter part of her first year and has been excited about going to her group sessions ever since. The main reason for the success of Circle of Friends is due to the expertise, caring, and professionalism of its leader, Adrienne. She goes over and beyond when it comes to communicating with us regarding Regina. She always greets us and her group with a warm and inviting smile, which encourages the members to feel welcome and respected. We have observed on many occasions the quality of interaction she has with Regina and the other members. As retired teachers with thirty-eight years of experience, we appreciate the quality of the program she has set up. Members are engaged in meaningful conversations concerning current affairs along with constant memory enhancing activities and projects. Weekly scenic drives lead to connections to the real world and are a catalyst for discussions to follow.
Adrienne commands great respect from Regina and the other members by her caring and giving attitude. She is definitely there for THEM. Watching her take her group to meals and helping them order their food and if necessary, eat, truly indicates the level of commitment and devotion she has for each member.

Regina and the other members are very fortunate to have Adrienne as the leader of Circle of Friends. Belmont Village should be very proud to have her as one of their employees. She brings great honor to her profession and to your corporation.


Ernie and Sue L.