Words cannot express how grateful we are to you, the professionals of Belmont Village, for the care and love you’ve provided to Kathy P. and for the good times she spent there. Yes, she had her ups and downs with health over the past year, but the good times were REALLY good at Belmont Village. We are so grateful for your care, compassion, and professionalism throughout Kathy’s life there. It was home to her, and to us. You supported our family by supporting Kathy during a time when we needed it so much. We also thank you for doing so much for Kathy to support her attending our son’s wedding recently. This meant the world to her and to us.

And to the many residents of Belmont Village who touched Kathy’s and our lives, we are so grateful for your gift of friendship, caring, and compassion. You mean so much to Kathy and to us. Thank you. We will always remember the many activities at Belmont Village: the music, the crafts, luncheons out, the puzzles, and all the fun and joy Kathy had with you all there.

With warmest regards and wishes,
Janet and Greg D.