Dear Ms. Will,

My father, John S., joined the Neighborhood of Belmont Village last April 1st. We selected Belmont Village because of Carlene D., your memory programs coordinator. Dad had been a part of her day care program before she joined Belmont Village, and she had been extraordinary! I am at a loss for words to describe how caring, professional, selfless, funny and wonderful she is. My father has not been an easy resident. He doesn’t understand why he is here. He asks for my mother constantly. (She died in September.) He often refuses to let the PALs in his room, to help him dress, bathe him, clean or do his laundry. He also is not eating well, often refusing to come to the dining room.

Carlene has been by his side and my side every day this past year. She has met with my brothers and me on numerous occasions to work on his care plan. She has worked with the PALs and nursing staff in creating techniques to deal with my Dad. She has convinced him to do things. She has engaged him when others, including myself, could not. And I know that Carlene is giving the same outstanding care to all her residents. She uses our experiences to help other residents and families, just as she has used her experiences with others to help Dad.

Because of your policy of not accepting gifts, I am at a loss of how to express my gratitude to Carlene. So I am writing this letter to you. In these difficult economic times, I hope that Belmont Village is able to adequately recognize and reward its truly outstanding employees. Thank you for your attention. Please call me if you would like to hear more wonderful testimonials!


Kathy W.