Dear Belmont Village,

My father, Clarence F., was very fortunate to spend the last ten months of his life at Belmont Village. He died suddenly at the age of 96 last month, but his stay at Belmont Village provided the happiest ten months that he had had in the last five years. I only wish I had been able to persuade him to move to California years earlier. Fortunately, I live only a mile away and was able to see him almost daily, and I had the opportunity to get to know some of the staff.

Virtually all of the staff is wonderful, caring, respectful, kind, and genuine. All the PALs treat the residents respectfully and kindly. My father thrived at Belmont Village, enjoying the excellent food, gaining weight, and having a place at the table with his friends from Circle of Friends, even though he couldn’t remember their names. He became a happy person again. Belmont Village was truly his home. I thank you for providing such a caring, nurturing environment for him in his last year of life.

Sincerely, Lois S.

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