As I prepare to leave the Bay Area again for a time, I want to let you know that I feel very good about the care my grandmother, Leitha H., has received since moving to the neighborhood from the third floor and will receive while I am gone. She has made so much progress since moving to the unit, becoming more social, enjoying her food and eating again, and becoming more engaged in life. Although I know her time on Earth is short at this point, I have continued to push very hard on many levels to insure that she gets the best care possible. I can honestly say I have never had a complaint with her care in the neighborhood. Joyce and the staff update me each visit, call the family as needed, and take great care of Lee. Her food is served to her properly, cut up and appropriate for her diet restrictions and she is certainly eating better and seems to actually enjoy food again.

Each day I come, the staff greats me by name, tells me where grandma is and how she is doing. There is always an activity going on, today shamrocks and glitter, and the group is always encouraged, but not pushed to participate. The colors are bright, flowers and decorations are always up, and the unit is clean and sparkling. I hear singing, have seen dancing, and seen many smiles there. I loved sharing the chocolate covered strawberries the residents made with them on Valentine’s Day! The activities are as varied as the resident’s personalities, but are well planned and fun when lead by the cheerful staff. I wish could mention each person by name and tell you all the ways I have seen them care for the residents, but I think that is not necessary. Let me just say every staff member has a caring attitude and does their very best to keep things upbeat. Each one of them deserves praise.

I will miss Grandma while I am gone, but hope that when I return this summer, I will be back to visit with the residents and staff again. Until then, I know Lee will be kept clean, well fed, hugged a lot, and well cared for by your staff! I must admit, when I was in the meeting about moving her to the unit , I had no idea what a wonderful thing moving her downstairs would turn out to be. She is doing better at this point in her life that I could have hoped for. I thank you, your staff, and wanted you to know how much I appreciate all they do, as does my entire family.


Lori Hawker E.