Dear Stephanie,

I write to thank you and the staff of Belmont Village for the care and attention you gave my father Marvin during his three-and-a-half year stay at the Village. When he first moved in, he was terribly sad and lonely having lost his wife of almost sixty years. While he remained sad, over the years he grew to be content and comfortable there. He looked forward to the Wednesday afternoon wine socials, the devotionals, and the exercise sessions.

Of note were the special staff members who showed him warmth, attention, and respect. No one ever talked to him in a condescending way just because he was elderly. The waiters knew what he liked to eat, and worked to see that he had his pancakes on Saturday and other favorite dishes. My dad looked forward to mealtime when he could pick what he liked and have it delivered with a smile and some teasing. He liked that. When dad was in a playful, teasing mood, the receptionists were always responsive. The sum of all the little kindnesses made his days more pleasant.

The PALS and the nursing staff looked after dad attentively. I especially want to commend his PAL Linda, whom he thought was great. He said he could always count on Linda. Nurse Luba was especially nice to dad and cared enough to ask him about his activities, which made him feel special.

I will always be glad that dad’s last years were made more pleasant by the wonderful staff at Belmont Village. Meeting the needs of the elderly can be difficult at times, but please know how important your work is to our senior citizens. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for what you gave to my dad during his last years.

Sincerely yours,
Marlene S.