Dear Jeanne,

On behalf of our family, thank you for the kindness and care you, your staff, and team members showed toward our Dad, Bob J., during his stay at Belmont Village.

Dad loved Belmont Village. He loved the musical entertainment, songs, the special events, and the men’s meetings. He loved the nurses, PAL’s, and the rest of the staff. He loved his friends. He didn’t care so much for the chicken dishes in the dining room, but I reminded him he always had other choices. After all, life is full of choices. I’m glad we chose you.

On the night that you led the orientation meeting for family members, you gave each of us a rock. Not a “Charlie Brown Christmas” rock, but a rock etched with a single word: “Trust.” I still have that rock; it sits on my desk. I think of you, your staff, and my Dad whenever I see that rock or hold it in my hand. None of you ever betrayed that trust. We always knew Dad was in good hands with you, especially during his last days. The care he received was exceptional and kind, so very kind. On more than one occasion, the nurses and PALs would remind us, “We’re not just here for your Dad; we’re here for you too.”

As he neared the end of his life, we were overcome by the generosity of the staff stopping by Dad’s room just to see how he was doing, even if they were working on another floor that day. We knew they loved and cared about Dad; he knew it too. Belmont Village and its team members are now indelibly part of our family history. We will never forget the kindness and support you all showed to Dad and the rest of our family. We will never forget any of you. Thank you.

With warmest regards,
Mary Ellen M.