Dear Belmont Village Staff;

It is with sincere appreciation that I thank everyone involved with my care at Belmont Village. From the office staff to the PALs, from housekeeping to Josephine’s Kitchen, from medical to maintenance crew and hair stylists too! Every single member has made me feel welcome and cared for by their genuine warmth and concern! I am 86 years old and I cannot recall having experienced such kindness and care where “I” was the sole focus of attention and special needs in my daily living activities.

It was with some reservation that I originally came to Belmont after my hospitalization. I was anxious to return home, but unable to take care of myself. I can now, however, state that I find myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to reside at Belmont Village these past months.

From the moment I arrived, I was greeted and called by name by every employee I encountered. As a lifetime homemaker, wife, and mother, it took time to adjust to this unique lifestyle of being served and cared for in all capacities. Add to this the idea of enjoying fabulous, nutritious meals prepared to order and served by delightful chefs and servers (with someone to clear and wash dishes, too!).

Surrounded by the lovely environment and the respect and courteous attention given me, I soon felt comfortable enough to enjoy socializing with residents and staff. After several days, I found myself able to navigate through the “Village” and enjoy the grounds, views and the library. Within weeks, I had recuperated to the point where I could join the Belmont driver for Sunday services at the local church.

Belmont not only provided me, but also my entire family, a place to relax and enjoy our time together. The principles that drive the Belmont Village staff are characterized by the care and strength of those individuals selected to work at Belmont. Their support and patience continually encouraged every aspect of my recovery.

I sincerely recommend Belmont Village Assisted Living to any family interested in a positive and encouraging community of senior living and healthcare. Again, I would like to thank each and every person at Belmont for your smiles, caring touch, friendship and professionalism!

Gratefully Yours,

Mrs. Theresa C.