Dear Tim,

I am sending this to you on behalf of the Belmont team that was so supportive of my mother, Connie B.

I would like for you to communicate to all those that assisted her, that my family and I are very grateful for the care she received.

I was very impressed with the patience and courtesy that your team has; everyone from the front desk, to the dining room staff, the PALs , nurses, and office staff. They gave me the confidence that my mother was being looked after as best as I could ask for. I am humbled by the consideration and comfort they have her (and me) during her last days.

My mother was a nurse for most of her life, and she could be very critical of those in the medical profession who she didn’t think did their job(s) as she thought they should. That she always spoke highly of your staff makes this extra complimentary.

As you know, I evaluated several different assisted living communities. It was with your guidance that I selected Belmont Village so that my mother would have the appropriate oversight and care. The selection of Belmont turned out to be the right decision, as her last months necessitated that extra care, and thankfully it was spent with a caring group of people who only had her best interests in mind.

My heartfelt thanks to ‘Team Belmont’

-Paul J. B.