Dear Michele,

I would like to convey the incredible gratitude I share with my mom, Rosemary, towards the following people who have made her life at Belmont Village a very rich one indeed. These people should be commended, respected, valued and treasured for they are beyond their “job description” in their care of my mother. Words can’t even express what their devotion and passion has meant to Rosie, my husband John, and me.

So here’s to: Andrea and David! Unbeknownst to them, I have occasionally eavesdropped as they enthusiastically engaged with members of the “Circle.” Andrea and David treat the residents with complete dignity and respect. I believe the care David & Andrea offer transcends the cognitive issues of this group, creating within each person a sense of self worth. I know they did this for my mother who was often terrified by memory loss, but bolstered by the affection and respect David & Andrea offered. They are truly gifted. I can’t thank them enough.

Here’s to the nursing staff: Betty, Zophia, and Germanie. They have been by my mom’s side through all of her health issues. They have kept me informed all along the way as to her health status with complete professionalism calm and care. They always stopped and took the time to answer my questions. For their enormous patience and attentive care, I will forever be grateful to them, as is my mother.

Here’s to the Pals & CNAs: Judy, Mildrene, Elsa and Valerie. These women literally buzzed with enthusiastic care and charm. Every time my mother was around them I could see she was mentally transported to a positive place. They made her feel loved and cared for. These incredible, encouraging and selfless people assuaged the indignities of her memory loss. My mother cared so much about these women that she worried about them like family members.

Here’s also to Carol, Pam and Don. What a treat it was to meet them at the beginning and end of each visit. They supply such a wonderful face for Belmont Village. Lastly I would like to personally thank Aleksandra; without her sensitivity, intelligence and kindly guidance I most certainly wouldn’t have gotten through the tough times. She has been my greatest council and friend. I am sure I am leaving out many whom I never met due to late shifts, those whose names my mother could not remember due to Alzheimer’s Disease. Here’s to them as well.

Finally, here’s to a prayer. That Alzheimer’s disease will be wiped out. That all of us will go into the night with dignity and the knowledge of our past.


Rosemary and her daughter Jill