Dear Rachelle:

My Brother and I want to thank you so much for the care and attention our Mother received during her years at the Belmont. She changed greatly during those years, but the quality of her care kept pace with her needs.

One thing that never changed was the love and attention she got from the PALs. The PALs are a not-so secret weapon in your arsenal of care. While it was their job to care for the residents, love was not required, but it was what they often gave. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, conversation and concern came naturally to those you have working there. You have chosen your staff well. Please express our sincere thanks to them all.

From the physical therapists upstairs to the nurses to the beauticians…each person was caring and kind. That is what you hope for, but often cannot get. What I found perhaps the most astounding was the patience, kindness, and consideration of the staff in the dining room. Many of the waiters knew what the residents liked, or how they could be cajoled into eating a good meal or enjoying a special dessert. The times that I was there with my Mom, I marveled at the treatment no matter how challenging the resident. Those servers deserve a medal for their consistent kindness, humor, and caring attention each and every meal.

Again, I want to express our appreciation for her care. I know that Belmont is a business, however the love of the people there made it seem more like a home and family and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sherry D.