This month marks 2 years that I have been an independent resident at Belmont Village Cardiff. At the time, my husband (who has since passed away) had been in a nursing facility for several years. Although I had been accustomed to living alone, I found it a very lonely existence.
One morning I awakened with a thought that had not occurred to me before. Why not check out a senior residence in the area and see if that might be the answer? I did my own shopping and bill paying. … why would I want to give up a lovely residence and move? I knew why. It was because I could make the move without imposing on others to help. . . I could arrange my furniture and belongings in new surroundings. I could meet new people, I could continue to volunteer. . . . and I could (and can) still drive. It made sense to move when I could not when I might have to.

As an independent resident I go and come as I please. I have a lovely apartment here at Belmont that is filled with things that I had before. I have met many people from all walks of life and from countries around the world. Many programs and activities are offered daily for me to pick and choose from. The staff is warm and helpful and living here provides me with a lot of security.

If I should need assisted living in the future, it is here and available for me. All in all, I feel that Belmont is my home and that coming here was the right decision for me.

Sophie S.