Dear Mrs. Will,

My father, Sterling S., Jr., was a resident of Belmont Village for almost 5 years. He passed away in February of this year at the wonderful age of 95. He was a farmer who had spent his entire life in a small town in northwest Tennessee until I moved him into Belmont Village. As you can imagine, it was an emotional time for all of us. However, there was not a day that went by that I was not thankful that I had chosen Belmont Village as my Dad’s final home.

From the moment he moved in, the staff took care of him as though they were caring for their own family member. They encouraged him to be independent and treated him with respect and dignity, while also keeping a delightful sense of humor. Amazingly, they were able to see through his dementia to recognize and appreciate his real personality. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that he was in a safe environment and was receiving the best care possible by individuals who were kind, thoughtful, and caring. Belmont Village was the perfect home for him. Each time I left there, I knew he was safe, loved and respected. And as a result, I felt at peace with my decision and found a wonderful extended family in the Belmont staff.

The staff was consistently compassionate, responsive, and demonstrated a thorough knowledge of geriatric care. Everyone, from the receptionist to the executive director, frequently went the extra mile to ensure that he was happy, healthy, and that his needs were being met. And as family members, my brothers and I always felt welcomed and encouraged to participate in activities.

My wish is that other families find their way to Belmont Village. It will mean that their final journey will be filled with peace, contentment, and joy. You have a “real gem” in the Memphis Belmont Village.

Stephanie B., Daughter