Dear Stephanie C.,

I have addressed this to you with the hope that you will share my sentiments with all of the employees of Belmont Village. On behalf of myself and my family members, I want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who assisted in the care of our late father, Sterling Jr.

During my visits, I never witnessed anything but the very finest in care and kindness towards our father. The professionalism and caring of Belmont employees was obvious. As a family member, I hold a special fondness and deep appreciation for the personnel who cared for our father. Everyone that I saw interacting with our father was amazing in the kindness and understanding They exhibited. It was difficult, from their actions, to realize that they were dealing with a resident and not with one of their close friends or relatives.

Our father was a wonderful person to know, but late in life suffered from either Alzheimer’s or Dementia. By the time anyone at Belmont got to know him, his condition was preventing his real personality and kindness from always showing. The employees and the other residents at Belmont treated him wonderfully, as though they could see the real person he had always been, not just the person his condition created. Thanks to the entire staff and fellow residents of Belmont Village, our father was able to live his final years in safety, with the greatest of care, and with dignity. Residents have already found Belmont Village, but my wish for the staff is that if the day comes that they or one of their loved ones need assisted living care, they will be able to find a facility with as caring and professional a staff as we found at Belmont Village.

For the Family of Sterling Jr.
Stephen S., Son