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Enrichment Programs

Activity planning is both an art and a science here at Belmont Village. To keep everyone interested and engaged, activities are created and directed by a nationally recognized gerontologist. There’s a variety of healthy, fun, and purposeful options for those in assisted living as well as those with Alzheimer’s. We also encourage residents to let us know what they enjoy. Planned and supervised activities, some off-site, are constantly added to our crowded event calendars.


Quite popular here is the Gray Matters Club, our research-based program for mind-body awareness (MBA). We take a holistic approach, building activities and options around mental fitness, physical exercise, nutrition, and spiritual/creative thinking. Residents work with a personal trainer, establishing individual goals and tracking progress. Available to everyone, this program contributes to a healthy brain and overall well being.


This unique therapeutic program, pioneered by Belmont Village, has been created specifically for those with mild cognitive impairment. Led by degreed professionals and supervised by a Memory Programs Coordinator, it’s changing the way the industry looks at assisted living.

Eight hours a day, seven days a week, each resident is engaged with a structured calendar of activities addressing the six domains of mental fitness: critical thinking, memory-body movement, learning, step-by-step sequencing, long-term memory, and math and problem solving.

For residents and their families, this program has made a meaningful difference in quality of life, self-esteem, and confidence. We know because we hear about it through the many letters we receive from family members. We’ve also heard it from our peers. In 2011, Circle of Friends was selected for Honorable Mention in the George Mason University Health Care Quality Improvement Awards.