Belmont Village Senior Living Celebrates the 100th Birthday of the Very First Resident of its Hunters Creek Community in Houston

Resident wearing a gold birthday crown sitting down smiling for picture.

Much-loved Houstonian, Evelyn Gunnels, celebrated 100 years on August 4th at Belmont Village Hunters Creek, where she was recognized as the very first resident to join the community when it opened in 2014. She was surrounded by close friends, family, fellow residents, and Belmont staff – all there to celebrate, wish her well, and learn her secret to longevity. Evelyn is among a growing number of American centenarians, that live to 100 and beyond. In 2021, there were 97,914 centenarians in the U.S., and this figure is expected to increase to 589,000 by the year 2060.

Patricia Will, founder and CEO of Belmont Village, says, “Belmont Village is home to over 50 centenarians – often times they mention family, faith, love, career, and just plain luck as common themes and reasons for their longevity. But that’s not the whole story, medical advances and lifestyle improvements play a major role in living longer. We are convinced that living at Belmont Village Senior Living communities throughout the nation contributes to the growing trend of living to 100. Informed by science and with decades of experience, we are proud of our expertise in promoting health and well-being in our residents’ senior years, providing the right stuff for a long life.”

Belmont Village communities are home to many residents who have made it to the 100-year mark. While each story is unique, Evelyn describes her formula for healthy aging as “Eat well, be tolerant to everybody, and improve your cognition with crossword puzzles and Sudoku games.” Evelyn is no slouch when it comes to today’s technology, either. She is highly computer savvy and at 100, she plays computer games, emails, uses FaceTime, and sends iMessages. Evelyn has kept physically fit by following Belmont Village’s specialized exercise routines designed for seniors.

Celebrating over 25 years in operation, Belmont Village Senior Living has established national leadership in delivering effective cognitive health and wellness programs, collaborating with experts from the nation’s top research universities and healthcare institutions. All aspects of daily life are influenced by Belmont Village’s innovative and evidence-based health and wellness enrichment programs to ensure residents live engaging, purposeful lives. Residents receive 24/7 access to top-notch medical care and telehealth services along with socially engaging enrichment programs based on proprietary offerings like the Circle of Friends® and Whole Brain Fitness programs that nurture and engage the mind, body, and spirit.

“The vision of Belmont Village Senior Living has always focused on providing environments seniors wanted to live in – making the experience of aging an opportunity for people to thrive in their later years. From the get-go, we wanted to be a business that ‘did well’ by ‘doing good.’ We are so proud to be able to make a real difference in people’s lives,” adds Will.