CBS DFW & FOX 4 | Meet a WWII Veteran from Our American Heroes Gallery

As Seen on FOX 4 Dallas

Meet a 101-year-old WWII veteran and other resident veterans from Belmont Village Turtle Creek. Photographer Tom Sanders recently visited the community to continue Belmont Village’s project to capture veteran’s stories through our American Heroes Gallery.

As Seen on CBS DFW

Photographer immortalizes experiences of veterans at Dallas senior center

At Belmont Village Senior Living Turtle Creek, a camera clicks quickly in the hands of a seasoned pro. Lights on poles bathe the room in just the right glow.

But this photoshoot is about so much more than fame.

“You know, sometimes some of these veterans have never even told these stories,” says Thomas Sanders as he clicks away. Sanders, a nationally known author and photographer, was just a college student when a homework assignment launched a lifelong fascination with the images and memories of America’s veterans.

“My grandfather was in WWII and his brother died in the Battle of the Bulge,” shares Sanders. “So, once I photographed that first WWII veteran, heard his story. I just really thought like, ‘Oh, I’m really kind of starting to understand what my grandfather went through. And so, I started photographing veterans in my free time.”

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