Mother’s Day celebration returns to Memphis senior living facility

Mother's Day returns to Memphis

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Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented those living in nursing homes and senior living facilities from seeing their family during holidays.

Belmont Village Senior Living in Memphis had to make several adjustments last Mother’s Day.

“We were not able to work on families inside of the building. However, we organized a parade, and they drove by our community honking. They had signs out and it was very cheery, very fun, but at the same time very socially distant,” said Belmont Village President Mercedes Kerr.

But things will be different this year.

“We’re very happy to welcome families back into our community,” Kerr said, “and we’re hosting a ‘mimosas with mother’ kind of an event with live music. We’ll obviously be following all of the safety protocols.”

Kerr says it was a long road to get to the point where people can see their family in person.

Getting the community of Belmont Village fully vaccinated has helped, and she says the community atmosphere has helped seniors not feel so lonely in the meantime.

“There’s a lot of programming and a lot that goes into a day in the life of a resident of Belmont Village. It is different from being at home when sometimes that could be very isolating, especially during this period,” she said.

Nursing homes and senior living facilities faced significant challenges last year to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks. Kerr says they have made strides to get to where they are today.

“There’s a lot of work yet to do and we’re not letting our guard down; but it just feels like a new day, and it feels like we are excited to just move forward,” Kerr said.

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