Mother’s Day in a Pandemic | A Message From Our Founder

Dear Belmont Village Family,

For all but the Greatest Generation, we have never experienced anything like this before. Mother’s Day is the one day when we Moms kick back and get waited on, when we give and get hugs, and when we treasure opening a few presents, hand-crafted or store-wrapped. As I reflect on how COVID-19 has changed all of that, I can’t help but think of what my own Mom, a child of the Depression and World War II would say about this.  I am sure she would admonish me to focus on something more lasting than COVID-19, which is family.

So let me lead with a nod to my own family. As a mother and grandmother, I can’t wait for the birth of my third grandchild, any day now.  As a daughter, I salute my Dad, a Belmont Village resident, who has been the pillar of family strength since his in-apartment quarantine began nearly eight weeks ago.   And, it was pursuit of care for my mother-in-law Josephine that led to the founding of Belmont Village.

I am equally grateful to our Belmont Village family. For me, family members are those with whom we share common bonds and experiences, and whom we trust to care for us unconditionally. The strength and commitment of our Belmont Village family has never been more apparent than now. The love and support from all of you – residents, families, and staff – is simply immeasurable.

With respect to staff, our terrific nurses deserve a special shout out, as this is also Nurses Week.  These front-line heroes have adapted to the challenging environment of testing, PPE, and constant monitoring of residents and staff, with amazing grace and constant smiles.

We Moms are prone to worry, and the attendant nagging stress is inescapable. Please know that at Belmont Village we are doing everything possible to alleviate your worry surrounding this pandemic by continuously adapting to the challenge in important ways. In the interim, and for just this one day, let’s cherish the beauty of family, even as we forego the in-person hugs.

With warm wishes to everyone,

Patricia Will
Founder and CEO