On the Town: Dance event welcomes year’s longest day

Belmont Village Caregivers

If it’s going to be the longest day of the year, why not make the most of it.

That is exactly what the staff and residents at Belmont Village Senior Living in Burbank did during last week’s summer solstice as they shook, rattled and rolled by staging a day-long dance-a-thon to raise funds for the Longest Day Alzheimer’s Assn. program.

Gathering in the facility’s great room and bistro, residents and guests participated in festivities that included non-stop music and dance, salsa and Zumba instruction, a barbecue lunch, visits by special guests and the opportunity to sample treats donated by the new Dunkin’ Donuts in Burbank.

Welcomed by Chris Schroeder, the community’s executive director, and Jeff Braine, activity and program coordinator, participants also had the chance to meet renowned salsa dancer Natalie Avakian.

The principal dancer of prestigious dance companies including Son Y Pasos and Salsa Brava, Avakian has also partnered with numerous Latin dance champions and performed at many prestigious venues including Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre.

A highlight of the day was when Avakian took to the dance floor and provided residents, guest and staff members with salsa instruction.

The day’s dancers and observers also got to meet another special guest, Babbs, a beagle-Jack Russell terrier mix in search of her forever home, who was accompanied by Lissette Rojo from the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Throughout the day, Belmont Village staff members took turns mingling and taking to the dance floor.

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