Preparations Underway for Greater Dallas Veterans Day Parade

Members of the 2022 Greater Dallas Veterans Day Parade gathered in Dallas at the Frontiers of Flight Museum to kick off this year’s event with veterans of wars past and artwork from current Dallas ISD students.

“The theme of our parade and the art contest is ‘Proud to be an American,'” parade chair Ric Hamer said. “We are an enormously diverse nation, and we need to recognize the diversity of those who have served and continue to serve.”

“During my day, you can join or they’re gonna draft you,” Air Force Veteran Robert Lofton said. “We got a chance to be brothers, regardless of skin color.”

Lofton and Navy veteran Keith Rudy were among the honored guests at the kickoff media event.

“World War II was the last conflict where the whole country was united,” Rudy said. Rudy served in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during WWII. “I’ll be 96 next April!”

Veterans Day parades are not just about pageantry. They are paramount.

“To remind the people of the history,” Rudy said. “Remind them of the guys that kept them free and strong,” Lofton said.