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Art and Alice North

Belmont Village San Jose
Married on October 20, 1939 on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
Married 73 years

Art and Alice met on a double date with other partners. Art was four years older than Alice, but there was an instant attraction between the two. The second double date the two couples went on was to the theater. Art and Alice couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, which gave Art the confidence to ask Alice out on a date. Six weeks later they were married. They have four children, and thirty-nine grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Art is a retired superintendent of schools in Santa Barbara and a former principal at Arcadia High School. The Arthur North Football Field at Temple City High School is named in his honor. The magic of their whirlwind courtship has lingered through the years. “Every night, we kiss goodnight,” says Alice. “Every time he walked out the door – even if only to water the lawn – he would kiss me.”

Belmont Village people Art and Alice North
Art and Alice North

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