Centenarian - Eva Alkorn

Eva Altkorn

Belmont Village Glenview, Glenview, IL
Born March 24, 1917 in Chicago, IL

“My family emigrated from Russia. I was the youngest of seven children, the only one of my siblings born in the states but we were still true to our Russian roots. I learned English quickly so there were no issues at school. It was a struggle at first but I persevered. I think I got that from my mom. She was tough and strong-willed. My most memorable experience was when I was the office manager at The Children’s Institute for emotionally disturbed children in Chicago. I was never good at names so I called all the boys Charlie and all the girls Suzy Belle. I look back at my life now and I feel that I have lived the good life. There’s no secret to living a long life, you just have to work hard and be nice.”