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John and Suzanne Huntoon

Belmont Village Sunnyvale
Married on August 24, 1959 in Forest City, Iowa
Married 53 years

John and Suzanne were introduced by friends and connected right away. “My favorite memory before I proposed was the time she knocked on my door with a luscious chocolate cake. I thought – boy, this girl must be sent from heaven!” said John. “I swooned from the very beginning, because he was so handsome and intelligent,” Suzanne recalls.

Their connection deepened, and they’ve been married for 51 years now. When asked about what’s kept them together all these years, they attributed shared values and open communication. “I think we bonded as a couple when we were at the University of Chicago. As director of housing, I had a suite of rooms in the dormitories. We loved to walk out on the campus. It was an idyllic view of higher education,” John recalls. “It’s important to express openly how you feel to one another, and that you need one another. Be caring. And be careful. Don’t let things come between you and your spouse,” said Suzanne.

Belmont Village people John and Suzanne Huntoon
John and Suzanne Huntoon

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