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Wes and Carla Hauschildt

Belmont Village San Jose
Married on December 16, 1950 in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Married 62 years

Wes and Carla met in October 1948 in Lansing, Michigan at a college age bible study class. “I was attracted to her pretty face,” said Wes. “I asked if I could walk her home after the class.” She said yes, and the couple took a city buys across town and then walked a mile or so to her aunt’s house. He dropped her off at the front porch and then had to hitchhike all the way back to his East Lansing dorm.

Over the years, they’ve enjoyed travel and outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, snorkeling, walking and cross-country skiing. Most of all, they’ve loved being together and raising their three children. Now they enjoy their six grandchildren as well. The Hauschildts say that love, respect, and faith in Jesus Christ has kept them together for all of these years.

Belmont Village people Wes and Carla Hauschildt

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