Belmont Village Pets Stories Audrey and Sheba

Audrey Cottingim and Sheba

Belmont Village West University – Houston

Audrey and Sheba got together when Sheba was a puppy – just five weeks old. Weighing in at six pounds, Sheba is Audrey’s constant companion. Not wanting to miss anything, Sheba sits up straight and listens carefully when Audrey speaks or visits with her friends. “When you live alone, your dog is such good company! She even sleeps with me. Sheba is very smart and knows ahead of time what I am about to do,” says Audrey. Belmont’s support staff arrives around six o’clock each afternoon and Sheba begins to watch for them just inside of the door at precisely 5:45 pm. She knows the Belmont schedule and loves her visitors. And she loves Audrey.

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