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Veteran Portrait

Portraits Capture Greatest Generation Before They’re Gone

Portraits of nearly two dozen veterans in the Belmont Village Assisted Living home were honored with portraits reminiscent of their days serving their country.

History remembers December 7th as a “day which will live infamy,” but at Belmont Village Assisted Living in Green Hills Monday, December 7th was as much about remembering the past as it was preserving it.

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Veteran Portraits

Reluctant WWII Heroes Take Their Bows

Frank Cummings and Robert Meiborg are among the vast group of soldiers who came home from World War II and never thought of themselves as heroes.

They never told their stories. Didn’t know anyone wanted to hear them.

But now that their photos are on the wall of the Belmont Village Senior Living Community in Carol Stream as part of its American Heroes: Portraits of Service gallery, I think they’re getting the message. Continue reading “Reluctant WWII Heroes Take Their Bows”

American Heroes Portrait

Capturing Burbank’s Heroes of Yesteryear

In a hallway on the second floor of the Belmont Village of Burbank assisted-living facility on Monday, Ed Robinson was decked out in a deep blue beret, emblazoned with gold letters spelling “U.S. Navy” on the band and a blue-and-white scarf stylishly knotted around his neck. And he was singing “Anchors Aweigh” — the Navy’s official song.

Long ago, Robinson served in the sea service testing parachutes during the Korean War — 182 jumps, or “something like that,” including some tests where he sat in an ejection seat, he said, and someone else did all the work. Continue reading “Capturing Burbank’s Heroes of Yesteryear”

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