Love Letters

Our community teams are dedicated to making a difference for our residents and families and the healthcare providers we work with. Occasionally they write to tell us how we're doing. We're touched by these letters and we take their words to heart in the day-to-day operations of our communities. We've decided to share these letters to give families considering Senior Living a very personal glimpse of what you should expect for your loved one.

What you and your staff gave mother and daddy was not just excellent physical care, but more importantly, you gave them a sense of being valued and respected from the first day that they were there.

Vicki [ Read More ]

I feel like for the first time in ten months I can rest easy knowing he is really being taken care of and all of his needs are being met.

Kim [ Read More ]

They made her feel loved and cared for. These incredible, encouraging and selfless people assuaged the indignities of her memory loss.

Rosemary and her daughter Jill [ Read More ]

Belmont not only provided me, but also my entire family, a place to relax and enjoy our time together.

Mrs. Theresa C. [ Read More ]

Participating in the activities including cake decorating, singing along with the entertainers, and dancing at the Luau was what made Belmont more than a place to visit, but a home with laughter and camaraderie.

The Family of Rivian L. [ Read More ]

We appreciate the continued attention to our mom’s health, both medically and emotionally, through the attention of the doctors, and especially, the nursing staff and the PALs.

Paul and Mary Lee T., Jerry P. [ Read More ]

On more than one occasion, the nurses and PALs would remind us, “We’re not just here for your Dad; we’re here for you too.”

Mary Ellen M. [ Read More ]

During meal time, they are attentive to each and every resident, making sure they have want they want. They know who wants coffee with the meal or who wants coffee after the meal.

Diane F. [ Read More ]

Not only does the staff adhere to the highest professional standards, but they have also created an atmosphere of comfort, trust and security.

Tony B. Georgiades, D.D.S., A.P.C. [ Read More ]

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