Belmont Spotlight


Celebrating the Women Who Tell Our Stories

Belmont Village Senior Living is proud to recognize, honor and uplift women of all ages in celebration of Women’s History Month (March). “This month allows us to spotlight the incredible women in our communities and showcase the stories chronicling their powerful and impactful lives. We’re proud to help tell their stories because they help us […]

Couple holding ice teas and smiling at each other

Inspiring Independence

Throughout the month of July, the word “independence” is all around us. While we are celebrating patriotism and freedom, for older adults, the word takes on a different meaning. This Independence Day, we’re inspired by the incredible achievements, wisdom and independence of our residents. At Belmont Village, seniors are busting the myth that you lose […]


Insights on Memory with Marilu Henner

Have you been exercising your memory recently? Your brain is a muscle just like any other, so for it to perform at its best, you need to exercise it. In our recent webinar, Your Memory is Your Story, actress Marilu Henner explored how to exercise your brain in an effort to improve your memory. As […]


Belmont Village Resident Teaches the Benefits of Meditation to Alleviate Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Belmont Village Glenview resident Sheila Dixon is one of the 1 million people in the United States affected by Parkinson’s disease, a progressive, incurable neurological disorder that results in a complex array of systems.

The Belmont Village training team has developed a exercise to better understand residents needs

The Aging Game: A Guide to Understanding

Caring for older adults is a big responsibility, whether you’re a family member or a trained professional.

Bride Groom and Grandma Jean

Community Spotlight: Belmont Village West Lake Hills Brings the Wedding to One Special Guest

Resident Jean Howell celebrates her grandson’s nuptials with the help of the Belmont team.

Halina, Janny, Ilona, Cora, Syed

Belmont Village Buffalo Grove Dishes Out Multicultural Dinners

Staff members share their heritage with fellow co-workers through annual pot luck dinners

Residents observe the solar eclipse

Belmont Village Residents in Nashville to Observe the Great American Eclipse

Belmont Village Resident and Astronomy Fan, Bill Griswold Spearheads Solar Eclipse Viewing Party for Fellow Residents.

Turtle Creek's Lisa Mach Receives TALA Hero Award for Second Year in a Row

Spotlight: Lisa Mach of Belmont Village Turtle Creek

Belmont Village Turtle Creek’s Lisa Mach Receives TALA Hero Award for Second Year in a Row.

Belmont Village remember veterans

In Remembrance and Gratitude

As we near Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives serving our country.